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New title for me is Studio Entrepreneur. Been busy creating content for my Portfolio like Matte Paintings, Concept Art, Book Covers, etc and doing all I can to bring my company to grow to higher levels. Still need to register the Pre-Production and Post Production Studio and Film Distribution Company for right in my Hometown. The names are still under development, I will post them when I have the logos designed. I need to consult with The New Jersey Motion Pictures & Television Commission on matters of if and where we set up as far as location goes.

More info coming soon...
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Could you hop over to this website here please?… see where it says "Wish List"? That's a list of books I'm working on collecting and can't until some kind soul lists them on that site.
Now the site works very simple, you join "it's FREE", you list books "along with other things like CDs and DVDs" on your profile "Book Shelf" that you no longer want and swap them with other swappers for stuff you do want".
It's that simple and no I am not plugging their site. ???...Hmm, well I guess technically I am a little, but not for their sake, for mine. You see I want those books very bad and haven't the budget so I found this site… that has solved half my problem now I just need to wait until someone with the Books I want lists them and then my friend I'll be a happy camper.
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I've been reading a lot of books lately apart from my illustration work and practices, some Science Fiction some Horror and some Art how-to books and magazines. Recently I found a nice place on the net called and I like it, friendly people, lots a good reading material that you can interact by reviewing, liking, starring, you know the usual online jazz and not to mention the Authors that write and publish books so I thought it was worth joining.
  • Listening to: the TV in the other room
  • Reading: ImagineFX Magazine
  • Watching: Total Recall (2012 version)
  • Eating: Baked Ziti
  • Drinking: Water or Tea with Honey
Well I'm feeling really confident and closer to where I want to be in life. I need to revamp or completely rebuild my Blogs on Blogger so that will be under construction for a couple of days at most, I'll delete all but two of them, they will be my only two Blogs that I'll need as my professional Illustrator, Colorist Digital Painter & Concept Artist Blog then the other will be my Fine Art Blog. And I have a page profile on here, that I use as my Online Business Card. I'll use my Blog -… as a means to keep an art journal and record the progress of my work. And deviantART along with a few others such as CGHUB -, CGPortfolio -… and -… (sort of the BIG four) I use as my Portfolio for Editors, Publishers, Advertising Agencies, Art Directors to look over or if I receive Commissions from Clients.

I've been really into coloring lately, "and I'm going to plug his books now", like how Brian Miller shows in two of his books, Hi-Fi Color for Comics and Master Digital Color, the colors pop out at you and the extra little styles and FX are great! I've also been practicing and honing my life drawing skills and just basically sketching where or when all is possible. One particularly is a cartoon style I haven't done since my high school days, "which you'll get a chance to see some of them, that is if any of you are still watching out there? is this thing on? knock knock knock", as opposed to the usual hyper-realistic style I have been practicing for a while now but I'm having lots a fun and we'll see where it takes me as far as advancement in my skill level? But for now... just takin' it one day at a time.
  • Listening to: my iPod
  • Reading: ImagineFX and Master Digital Color
  • Watching: Prometheus
  • Eating: Boneless Baked Chops with Roasted Garlic Gravy
  • Drinking: Water, Eggnog
Been busy with a lot of things on my plate lately. I'm not finished with my colors for Comics yet here so that's one thing I really want to finish so I can upload them here for all of you to see and if a potential Editor or Scout likes what they see that would make my millennia!
I just started uploading some of my work in my dA Portfolio or Gallery and I have a whole lot more coming soon.
  • Listening to: my iPod
  • Reading: my magazines, ImagineFX is one
  • Watching: DOOM, yeah I know it's old but I like it
  • Eating: Roasted Garlic Baked Chops, I made
  • Drinking: Water and Green Tea with Honey